What Is DIA?

Dedicated internet access (DIA) is the connection between a company or user’s site and the internet. It enables seamless access to Internet services, including web browsing, web or domain hosting, and any number of e-business applications needed to perform mission-critical applications. DIA is a global internet access service that is reliable and scalable. It is custom-made to meet business-critical connectivity requirements.

DIA is offered in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from a DSL( digital subscriber line) to a data T1 line. Satellite data connections are the most popular type of DIA connection. Though similar to both DSL and T1 in bandwidth, satellite connections offer customers the ability to connect to virtually any location without restrictions.

Ethernet connections are also used for dedicated internet access, providing between 5MB and 1,000MB of bandwidth; however, Ethernet connections are specific to physical locations.

Why Do You Need DIA?

Dedicated Internet Access is essential for businesses that host servers. Therefore, it requires continuous Internet/Wide Area Network (WAN) connections. It is also essential for organizations that require static IP addresses and Domain Name Services (DNS). 

DIA is ideal for performing business applications, such as providing Internet access for employees via a Local Area Network (LAN). Since DIA is a point-to-point network connection and utilizes a T1 line, network congestion can be significantly reduced using Ethernet or leased lines, depending on the distance and service requirements. DIA’s high-quality connectivity can support businesses that use web-based applications and other cloud-based solutions. Using DIA, they can connect to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) reliably and securely. Since DIA service is not IP-based, businesses can connect to any ISP regardless of the distance and the location of the service provider, and the cost is also reasonable.  

DIA Benefits

  • Optimal performance
  • High availability
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

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